It's that time that we wished would never come. In this episode we say goodbye to our co-creator, co-host, and executive producer Mark as he prepares to graduate from UNA. Find out what he has planned in the future as well as what the future of SOTA Pop looks like from now on! Thank you Mark for everything you have done to help grow this podcast for the past 4 years!

Join KP as she talks with UNA's President and Vice President elects about their journey through SGA as well as through UNA as a whole! Listen until the end to find out which US president our guests think would win in a fist fight. The answers may surprise you!

Join KP as she talks with representatives of both the UNA Culinary Program and Marriott Shoals Hotel and Spa about a very special event on April 14, 2022  and how the culinary industry in the area has grown!

Join KP as she talks with KeKe Hall about the Black Lioness Alliance fashion show, more upcoming BLA events, and how we can help support BLA for the future!

Join KP as she talks with UNA's Director of Bands, Dr. Lloyd Jones, about the President's concert, honor bands, and how he himself found a spot in the music education field. 

Listen in as KP talks with her fellow cast members of UNA's production of Little Women! We may just have a surprise visit from a previous host of SOTA Pop in this episode as well so make sure you listen!

Join KP as she talks with UNA alum and Sony Music recording artist Rachel Womack about her journey from college into the music industry and hear about her upcoming (3/11/22) show for UNA's Weekend of Women. What is Rachel's favorite dance move? Listen to find out!!

Listen as KP talks with UNA's very own Trio Leo about their upcoming events and learn about how each of them got involved with music! Stay until the end to find out if these musicians can decide on a favorite/least favorite type of music!!!

Join KP as she talks with Professor Mike Johnson of UNA's Cinematic Arts and Theater program about everything you need to know concerning the Lindsey Film Festival! Does Mike have a movie that he feels like he needs to like but doesn't? Listen to the end to find out!

Join KP as she talks with Professor Philip Jackson about his journey through art, the gallery at 126, and how he became a professor at Ole Miss! Stay tuned to hear what his favorite animal to draw has been!

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